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Business Term Loan

Do you need money for equipment purchases or asset acquisition? The Business Term Loan may be your answer.

Fixed- or variable-rate loans available

A term loan gives your business working capital. This enables you to purchase equipment, explore new markets, or invest in new products. A term loan can also be used for making strategic acquisitions, whether it’s a stock purchase or an asset purchase, this loan can help support the growth of your company.

Rather than risking a higher variable rate, a term loan lets you amortize the debt over the lifespan of the asset. For example, if you use the loan for purchasing a company vehicle, your loan could be amortized over five years, allowing the debt to be repaid in full by the time the vehicle is fully depreciated. 

Term loans can be used in a number of varying ways, enabling your company to focus on capital expenditure needs and strategic growth in new markets or new product lines. Offering competitive rates, our business lending experts can help you determine the best loan for your business. 

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Healthcare Business Loans

If you’re in healthcare, these loans may be for you. Flexible, customized loan options designed specifically for medical practices.

  • Use for specialized equipment, rooms, lab space and more
  • Can be used to start or acquire existing practice
  • Flexible terms to meet your needs

From real estate financing to practice acquisitions, our broad selection of healthcare lending services is designed with your practice and business in mind. Our experienced lending team is proud to offer a flexible banking experience that helps you reach your business goals and guides you toward success.

One of the benefits of working with a small community bank is we tend to be more creative on the terms and amortization of your loan. We can work with you to ensure the loan is structured in a way that benefits your healthcare business.

Line of Credit

Secure a line of credit for when you need it most! Our Business Lines of Credit can help you acquire the working capital your business needs.

  • Secured options available
  • Variable-rate options available

Much like a credit card, a business line of credit can come in handy for purchases and growth needs. It’s there when you need it, just like us.

It’s a source of capital for any and all working capital needs that your company may come across — and the options are vast. It can be used for growth. It can be used to fund gaps between the expenses incurred for creating a service or product and the income collected for it. Lines of credit help support inventory purchases, the bloodline for manufacturing companies. When adding personnel to your team, your credit line is there.

Our business lending experts can provide guidance in determining whether a working capital line of credit is a good fit for your growing company, or if it is best served as a rainy day fund. You still need to make payroll and cover the expenses until you can make the money back from another client, and a line of credit offers you this peace of mind.

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Real Estate Loan

Make your real estate dreams a reality! We offer several real estate loan options, from construction to acquisition.

  • Commercial real estate loans available
  • Owner-occupied real estate loans available 
  • Fixed- and variable-rate options available

As a community bank committed to strengthening the local business economy, we put our expertise to work to help you choose from a wide range of commercial real estate loan products designed to fit your investment criteria. 

Financing for purchases and refinances is available for office, apartments, retail, industrial, warehouse, self-storage and mobile home property types.

Commercial Real Estate Loan Products

  • Acquisition and Development (A&D) Loans: Financing for residential and commercial subdivisions, condo projects and office parks
  • Acquisition Loans: Financing for the acquisition of commercial property
  • Construction Loans: Financing for hard and soft construction costs
  • Permanent and Mini-Perm Loans: Financing for existing properties and the stabilization of construction projects
  • Bridge Loans: Financing to cover timing gaps between your sources of capital
  • Lines of Credit: Revolving lines of credit secured by commercial real estate

Our Owner-Occupied Real Estate Loans help businesses like yours finance the office, warehouse or commercial space you need to empower business growth. Terms up to 10 years in length are available, with varying amortizations based on the property type, and fixed or variable interest rate options.

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