Your Finances

Finding the Right Checking Account for You

Working with Creditors

Balancing a Checking Account

Understanding Your Credit Report

Understanding Your Debt Load

Understanding Credit Costs

What Your Credit Score Means

Use Direct Deposit to Build Savings

Popular Budgeting Methods

Putting Money in a Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account

The Benefits of Prepaid Cards

Savings vs. Money Market Accounts

Types of Retirement Plans

Direct Deposit and Paycheck Allocations

The True Cost of Buying on Credit

Little Cuts to Save You Money

The Wonders of Compounded Interest

Tuition Reimbursement

Life and Disability Insurance Plans

Relocation Assistance

Spending on Your Child

Understanding Money

Allowances and Children

Taking Care of Elderly Parents

Renting Your First Apartment

Avoiding Non-Sufficient Fund and Overdraft Fees

Paying Off Debts with the Snowball Strategy

About Those Interest-Free Offers

Website Password Strategies

Protecting Your Identity While Travelling

Credit, Debit and Fraud Prevention

The Avalanche Debt Repayment Method

Should You Withdraw Funds from Your 401(k)?

How Loan Amortization Works

Using a Personal Line of Credit

The Zero-Based Budgeting Method

Getting Organized for Bill Payment

Should You Transfer Account Balances?

Secured vs. Unsecured Loans

Try the Envelope Budgeting Method

The Fair Credit Reporting Act

Getting Your Child’s Finances ‘Move-Out’ Ready

Keep Your Winter Energy Bills Under Control

What to Do With a Lump Sum of Money

Add to Your Monthly Payment and Save Money

Consumer Reporting Agencies

Calculating Annual Percentage Rates

Living a ‘Credit-Free’ Life

Shopping Safely Online

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

Teaching Your Children about Gift Buying

Consolidating Your Debt

Keeping Your Mobile Phone Secure

Good Debt, Bad Debt

Refinancing an Auto Loan

How Much Should You Spend on Rent?

Getting By on a Minimum Wage Job

Finding the Right Auto Insurance

Insurance Tips for Homeowners

Factors That Impact Life Insurance Premiums

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Boosting Your FICO Score

Term vs. Whole Life Insurance

Is Travel Insurance a Good Idea?

After You’ve Paid Off Your Credit Cards

The Impact of Saving More

Calculate Your Life Insurance Needs

Calculate Your Disability Insurance Needs

Calculate Your Long Term Care Needs

Save for Long Term Care

The Value of Your Future Earnings

Should You Work Outside of the Home?

Health Savings Account or Traditional Health Plan?

Meet a Debt Payoff Goal

Increase Your Monthly Payment

Are Credit Card Balance Transfers Worth It?

Compare Two Vehicle Loans

Compare Vehicle Loans by Term

Make Bi-Weekly Payments

Save or Pay Off Debt?

Use a Lump Sum to Pay Down Debt

Low Rate or Cash Back?

How Long Will it Take to Pay Off a Credit Card?

Save Towards a Goal

Save to be a Millionaire

The Benefits of Compounding

How Much Am I Spending?

Calculate Your Net Worth

Household Cash Flow Tracker

Balance Your Checkbook

Calculate a Vehicle Payment

Reading a Car Window Sticker

Preparing Financially for a Special Needs Child

Cost of Printing Got You Down?

Dropping Collision from Your Auto Coverage

Renter Mistakes to Avoid

Your COBRA Health Insurance Rights

Avoiding the Minimum Payment Trap

Don’t Let DIY Projects Empty Your Wallet

A Financial “To-Do List” When You Move

If Your Spouse-to-be Has Serious Debt Problems

Can Credit Counseling Help?

Buying an Engagement Ring

Taking a ‘Staycation’

Comparing Products Online

Buying or Leasing a Vehicle

The Best Time to Buy

Vehicle Affordability by Loan Term

Gas Mileage Savings with a Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Purchase or Lease a Vehicle

Understanding Car Leases

The Pros and Cons of Retail Credit

Extended Warranties & Service Contracts

How Overspending Can Derail a Budget

Tracking what You Spend

Making a Major Purchase

Curing Bad Overspending Habits

Mortgage Relief Scams

The End of a Marriage

Rebuilding Credit After Bankruptcy

If You’re Facing Bankruptcy

Avoiding Costly Car Repair Mistakes

Suddenly Unemployed

A Death in the Family

Helping Your Parents with their Finances

In Case of Medical Emergency

Dealing with a Home Foreclosure

Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans

Protecting Your Home When You’re on Vacation

Taking Your Retirement Plan with You

Purchasing a Vehicle

Saving Money by Moving Back Home

Understanding Your Paycheck

Reducing Your Spending

Understanding Employee Benefits

How to Create a Useful Budget

Standards for Tipping

5 Tips for Raising Financially Savvy Kids

Debt Payoff Strategies

Should You Get a Second Job?

Dealing with Large Medical Bills

Grocery Shopping Tips for Singles

Leading a Car-Free Life

Are Kids Sports Draining Your Bank Account?

Is Your Mobile Phone Bill Out of Control?

Are Paper Checks Still Relevant?

Introducing Your Teen to Banking

How Christmas Clubs Get You Ready for Christmas

What Will My Savings Be Worth?

Budgeting a Savings Plan

Save for a Rainy Day

Protect Yourself from Predatory Lenders

Exchange Rate Basics

Are You Prepared Financially for a Natural Disaster?

When Your Home is a Money Pit

Saving Big by Buying Used

Smart Purchases to Make on Credit

Building a Credit Reputation

Use a Side Hustle to Pay Off Debt

Saving Money While on Vacation

Going from Homeowner to Renter

Housing Scams to Avoid

Setting up Tax Withholding

Is it Time to Use CDs for Investing Again?

Your Annual Credit Report Review

Preparing Holiday Meals on a Budget

Don’t Let the Holidays Bust Your Budget

Are There Leaks in Your Finances?

Quality of Life and Wellness Benefits

Budgeting on Irregular Income

Preparing for an Economic Downturn

Qualifying for Your First Apartment

Do Grocery Delivery Subscriptions Make Sense?

Teaching Your Child to Count Money

Are You Maximizing Your ‘Cash Back’?

Becoming Financially Independent

What Do You Need in Your Wallet?

Dealing with Dynamic Pricing

The Pros and Cons of Cash Advances

Repair or Replace it?

Staying Frugal without Becoming Cheap

Avoid These Car Leasing Mistakes

The Financial Side of Dating

Things Your High Schooler Should Know About Money

Things Your Middle Schooler Should Know About Money

Building a Cash Wedding Registry

Find the Best Holiday Shopping Deals

First Paycheck? Do These Things First

Making Financial Preparations for Maternity Leave

Should You Take the Travel Insurance?

Things Your Grade Schooler Should Know About Money

Things Your Pre-Schooler Should Know About Money

Debit or Credit Card?

Maximizing Credit Card Rewards

Choosing a Credit Card

The Basics of Mobile Payments

Getting Out of a Car Lease

Maximize Your Car’s Trade-In Value

Good Reasons to Borrow Money

Reach Your Health Savings Account Goal

Identity Theft and Fraud

Understanding the “Dark Web”

Preparing Financially for a Climate Changing World

Reducing Food Waste at Home

Searching for Unclaimed Money

Upcycling Basic Household Items

Shopping Strategies for Holiday Deals

How Safe is Your Money?

Accelerating Repayment on a Loan

Creating a Power of Attorney

Evaluating Credit Card Reward Programs

What to do with a Financial Windfall

Becoming a One-Car Family

Alternatives to Pay Day Lenders

The Minimalist Model

Making a Comeback from a Financial Setback

Financing a Home Solar Project

Performing a Home Energy Audit

Are Food Delivery Services Right for Me?

Introduction to Online Billpay

What is a Cryptocurrency?

Stop the Robocalls!

Financial Basics for Service Members

What is a Spoofing Attack?

Saving Money When You Join a Gym

Vehicle Financing Options

Finding Online Coupons

Roommate Finance Management

The Pros and Cons of Loan Protection Insurance

Manage Moving Expenses

7 Ways to Use Your Tax Refund

Prioritizing How You Repay Debt

Types of Health Insurance Plans

Calculating Your Disposable Income

Measuring the Cost of Living

What’s Your Password Strategy?

Digital (or Virtual) Credit Cards

Buying Your First Electric Car

Should You Get a Prenup?

Are Credit Repair Services Worth It?

Peer-to-Peer Payment Tools

25 Budget Cuts You Can Make

Working Through Credit Issues with a Spouse

Digital and Mobile Wallet Basics

What is Estate Planning

What to Do When You’re Short On Money

Categorizing and Tracking Your Expenses

The Difference Between Spending Less and Saving Money

The Ins and Outs of Credit Scores

Building a Rainy Day Savings Fund

Disputing a Credit Card Transaction

Understanding Your W-2 Form

Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) Plans

If You’re a 1099 Employee

Negotiating a Job Offer

Protecting Your Family Against Child Identity Theft

Protecting Yourself Against Medical Identity Theft

Understanding Matching Contributions

How Credit Card Dumps Work

The Cost of Homeschooling

Understanding Payroll Taxes

What is a Defined Benefit Plan?

What is a Profit-Sharing Plan?

How Do Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) Work?

An Overview of 401(k) Plans

Filling Out a W-4 Form

Making Only Minimum Payments

What Is a Credit Reference?

Furnishing Your New Space

What Is Umbrella Insurance?

Using a Sinking Fund to Save

How Inflation Impacts Your Finances

Understanding Roadside Assistance Insurance

What Is Social Commerce?

Understanding Pension Plans

Smart Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

The Benefits of Online Banking

How Many Credit Cards Should You Have?

Lower Your Credit Card Rate

How Credit Card Utilization Impacts Your Credit Score

Understanding Credit Card Interest

Understanding a Small Saver Certificate (SSC)

Dealing With High Gas Prices

Making Sustainable Food Choices

New Year? New Budget Resolution

Challenge Your Budget Cutting Skills

Saving on Back-to-School

Are You Eligible for a 403(b) Plan?

Reviewing Your Retirement Plan

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Cutting the Cable and Saving Money

Laddering Strategies for CDs

Flexible Spending Accounts for Medical and Dependent Care

Budgeting For Your Big Day

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

How to Use a Password Manager

Employed Again? Do These Things First

Managing Your Child Care Expenses

Bump-Up CDs vs. Step-Up CDs

Avoiding Tax Penalties

Selling a Home That is Financially Underwater

If You’re a Victim of a Data Breach

Auto Insurance and Teen Drivers

What Is a Custodial IRA?

What is Financial Therapy?

Considering a Financial Caregiver

How a Smart Home Can Save You Money

Why Your Credit Utilization Ratio Matters

Safe Practices for Mobile Banking